Kartographische Nachrichten

KN – Journal of Cartography and Geographic Information Vol 71, Iss 4

Die aktuelle Ausgabe der KN – Journal of Cartography and Geographic Information (Vol 71, Iss 4) ist digital verfügbar. Folgende Beiträge sind enthalten.

Editorial Virtual and Augmented Reality in Spatial Visualization Dennis Edler, Thomas P. Kersten

Designing Virtual Spaces for Immersive Visual Analytics Ian Lochhead, Nick Hedley

Virtual Reality Application of the Fortress Al Zubarah in Qatar Including Performance Analysis of Real-Time Visualisation Thomas Kersten, Daniel Drenkhan, Simon Deggim

Different Levels of Complexity for Integrating Textured Extra-terrestrial Elevation Data in Game Engines for Educational Augmented and Virtual Reality Applications Claudia Lindner, Annette Ortwein, Kilian Staar, Andreas Rienow

Map Symbols in Video Games: the Example of “Valheim” Tymoteusz Horbiński, Krzysztof Zagata

The Impact of Augmented Reality Techniques on Cartographic Visualization Frank Dickmann, Julian Keil, Paula L. Dickmann, Dennis Edler

Potentials of the Three Spaces Theory for Understandings of Cartography, Virtual Realities, and Augmented Spaces Olaf Kühne

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