Kartographische Nachrichten

KN – Journal of Cartography and Geographic Information (72/2)

Die Ausgabe 72/2 der KN enthält folgende Beiträge:

Karten mit (geo-)politischer Botschaft, Dennis Edler

Ptolemy’s Methodological Principles in the Creation of His Map Projections, Gyula Pápay

Deviant Cartographies: A Contribution to Post-critical Cartography, Dennis Edler, Olaf Kühne

View of Cartography in Video Games: Literature Review and Examples of Specific Solutions, Tymoteusz Horbiński, Krzysztof Zagata

Designing Mixed Reality-Based Indoor Navigation for User Studies, Bing Liu, Linfang Ding, Shengkai Wang, Liqiu Meng

Automated 3D Urban Landscapes Visualization Using Open Data Sources on the Example of the City of Zagreb, Adrian Komadina, Željka Mihajlović

Experimental Analysis of Geo-spatial Data to Evaluate Urban Greenspace: A Case Study in Dortmund, Germany, Carsten Juergens, M. Fabian Meyer-Heß

Arsenic Contamination in Shallow Groundwater in Karimpur Block of Nadia District (West Bengal, India)—A Spatial and Geostatistical Approach, Anudev Mazumder, Gouri Sankar Bhunia

Karten zum Ukraine-Krieg: Ein unerwünschtes, wichtiges und schwieriges Thema, Jochen Schiewe