Kartographische Nachrichten

KN – Journal of Cartography and Geographic Information (72/4)

Die Ausgabe 72/4 der KN enthält folgende Beiträge:

23; Dennis Edler, Frank Dickmann

Mercator’s Geometric Method in the Construction of His Projection from 1569; Gyula Pápay

Virtuality and Reality of Landscape: Theoretical and Methodological Problems in Their Capture and Representation; Hartmut Leser

Cultural Heritage with the Use of Low-Level Aerial Survey Techniques, Space Modelling and Multimedia Reconstruction of the Topographic Landscape (Example of a Windmill in Western Poland); Maciej Smaczyński, Dariusz Lorek, Tymoteusz Horbiński

Geospatial Big Data Platforms: A Comprehensive Review; Yassine Loukili, Younes Lakhrissi, Safae Elhaj Ben Ali

Cartographic Representations of Coastal Land Loss in Louisiana: An Investigation Based on Deviant Cartographies; Olaf Kühne, Lara Koegst

Flood Modeling and Simulation Using HEC-HMS/HEC-GeoHMS and GIS Tools for River Sindh-NW Himalayas; Mehlath Shah, M. A. Lone

Wann und wo treffen wir uns demnächst?; Präsidentenkolumne; Jochen Schiewe