Kartographische Nachrichten

KN – Journal of Cartography and Geographic Information (73/1)

Die Ausgabe 73/1 der KN enthält folgende Beiträge:

Künstliche Intelligenz – Fluch oder Segen?; Dennis Edler

A Holistic Workflow for Semi-automated Object Extraction from Large-Scale Historical Maps; Inga Schlegel

Symbolism of Compass Roses on Early Modern Nautical Charts of the Adriatic Sea; Josip Faričić, Ivka Kljajić, … Dubravka Mlinarić

Anamorphic Visualization of the Space-Time-Paradigm by Geodetic Network Adjustment; Tamara Feicht, Andreas Schmitt

“Sponge Maps”: Using the Concept of Value by Area Maps for Avoiding the Area Size Bias in Choropleth Maps; Jochen Schiewe

Modelling the Impact of Changing Climate on Sediment Yield in a Data-Scarce High-Elevation Catchment in NW Himalayas; Mohd Ayoub Malik, A. Q. Dar, Manoj K. Jain

Crop Types Discrimination and Yield Prediction Using Sentinel-2 Data and AquaCrop Model in Hazaribagh District, Jharkhand; Bikash Ranjan Parida, Amritesh Kumar, Avinash Kumar Ranjan

Benötigen wir in den 2030er Jahren noch die Kartographie?; Jochen Schiewe